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Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's the Point of the Lib Dems?

What a bunch of amateurs. Regardless of my own self questioning over rainbow or red-green, what the hell are the Lib Dems up to?
Their only raison d'etre is PR. That would have been delivered for local government had the rainbow gone ahead. They have turned their back on their main aim just to get rid of their Leader - who was desperate for a deal with anyone to save his political skin.
The Lib Dems can drop any claim to being a serious party. You can't fight an election on the basis of getting more influence on the governance of Wales and then talk your way out of two deals that would put you in government.
It looks like a minority Labour Government now, my instincts hope that Red-Green can be put back on the table. Labour will probably stick two fingers up to everyone now in typical sectarian manner. However, Rhodri Morgan should reflect and understand that the draft Red - Green draft document provides a chance for him to deliver real change in Wales before he retires. Again the question is does he have the conviction and the authority within his own group to deliver?


Geraint said...

A Red-Green/Plaid-Labour alliance would be best for Wales, and hopefully the current leadership in Welsh Labour will have learnt the lessons of the past few weeks, or the devolutionist wing will amount a leadership bid soon as we have a minority Labour government.

It is not good for Labour (nor any minority government party), not good for devolution and not good for Wales to have a minority government, especally not with the new 'powers' (or the pathetic excuse for them)

If neither Labour or Plaid cannot look past petty partisan politics, then something is seriously wrong with Welsh politics.

Ted Jones said...

I agree young man.

It looks like a Labour minority administration for now