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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time for Rhodri to Deliver 2

With Labour on the brink of the political abyss last night, where was Rhodri Morgan? Making a speech to the Athenaeum club in London.

You have to ask how serious Labour are exploring the Red-Green option.

update - Labour have produced a 28 page document according to reports. Have they done enough is the key question.

update 2 - obviously not.


Pads said...

/You have to ask how serious Labour are exploring the Red-Green option./

How straight does a one-legged duck swim?

Ted Jones said...

if only we could see what's in the Labour document. I think Labour should publish it as it clearly is in the public interest - if it is their final negotiating statement that is.

Geraint said...

I think all negotiations over deals should be as open as possible (without being too open as to damage to process of coalitions), the people have the right to know what the parties were planning to compromise on, this is more so important for governing coalitions, then failed talks.

Ted Jones said...

whatever the outcome its been fascinating stuff.

gethin said...

First things first, gutted that Labour and Plaid couldn't get it together.

Didn't realise you had your own blog. Over at Blamerbell's earlier I asked whether you could elaborate on what you wrote about the progress/lack of progress of the two negotiating sides.

Are you in a position to do so?

Ted Jones said...

Gethin, basically as it was a bilateral situation there were two negotiating teams as I understand it. One discussing with Labour and one discussing with the opposition parties. My sources inform me that there was a substantial difference in the speed of negotiations between the two teams. Basically Labour didn't really take things seriously until it was too late. You have to ask what the hell Rhodri was doing down in London making a speech to the establishment crach when everyone knew it was going to come to an end the following day. It was time for him to step up, hence my posts on his role. He's always had a relaxed style, but this was not the time to play it cool. Conversely the rainbow negotiating team were really moving at a head of steam.

Red- Green advocates like myself feel extremely frustrated at Labour's dithering. At the end of the day I suppose the Plaid AMs would have looked at both deals and seen that there was far greater detail in the rainbow option.

The devil in the detail, let's see what the rainbow programme of government will consist of.

Geraint said...

Hopefully in oppisition Welsh Labour will modernise and Welshify itself enough that by 2011 Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru can form a formal coalition. At the moment though, the botched up coalition talks from Labour and the idiotic idea that a "New Zealand" Style deal would accept work, have left us in Labour in oppisition.