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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Deep Irresponsibility of the Lib Dems

Wales is now faced with the worst possible option, Labour minority rule.

Plaid’s bilateral approach ended on the basis that a rainbow deal could be delivered. Now unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing on the table for anyone and the programme of government for the next four years is going to be based on Labour’s manifesto, a most boring, unimaginative and visionless document.

The red – green document which was still work in progress provided a basis to seriously move Wales forward. Let’s hope that momentum can be built up behind a return to red green talks after the recess. It would be equally irresponsible for Labour to cut off its nose to spite its face at this stage by going alone.


Simo said...

I find working with conservatives on an agreement preferable than working with the likes of huw lewis and co who have spent many hours bashing Plaid cymru through their own intollerence of the diversity of wales. At least the conservaties have realise that the assembly is here to stay and they wanted to help make a difference here and now and not in the future should they ever become the leadiing party.

Consensus politics was here and it was snatched away by a theif in the night.

Ted Jones said...

That's the beauty about red - green, it would immediately isolate sectarian bigots like Leighton Andrews and Huw Lewis. That's why they are so opposed.

Simo said...

I see. Then fingers crossed.

Pads said...

/sectarian bigots like Leighton Andrews and Huw Lewis/

Apparently, it was the shock of being compared to those two that caused Ian Paisley to adopt a more conciliatory approach.

Geraint said...

A Red-Green agreement would be fantastic for Wales, a minority government is doomed to failure. The only problem rests in the "unionist" wing of Welsh Labour. We, in Welsh Labour, need a serious devolutionist leader, who is not scared of the so-called "unionist" wing of the party, who are, in my opinion intellectually bankrupt.