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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shock Horror No Tory Led Coalition

With the elections results more or less as everyone expected isn’t it funny that all the hype of a Tory led coalition has disappeared immediately after the last vote was cast. There isn’t even any talk of a Plaid led rainbow coalition in the aftermath, despite there being enough numbers for that sort of pact to come into being.

It amazes me how easily Labour bully their way to set the agenda. The reality is that the parameters of the Assembly elections in 2007 were based on a lie by Labour that they have immediately ditched so that they can start cosying up to the Libs. It shows the arrogance of the Labour party that they immediately start spinning based on Labour led coalitions after the election whilst spending the previous year spinning tribalist and sectarian propaganda.

It was obvious Labour was going to have to talk to someone – they have never managed to win a majority in Wales, and 2007 was always likely to be a far harder election than 1999 and 2003.

I thought it was a stupid strategy by Labour which basically ensured that they were going to get the hammering at the polls they got. However, Labour’s strategy should have been blown out of the water from the start because it was nonsense. The failure of the media, apart from some notable examples such as Martin Shipton who didn’t believe a word from the start & the one hit the BBC delivered (by revealing senior sources were advocating a red-green agreement a week before the election), has let the whole election to be fought in the make belief world of Labour spin doctors and strategists.

Let’s hope in 2011 we get to fight a Welsh election based on policies. The media have to start challenging Labour, their duty is to uncover deceit for what it is not report it at face value. Failure to do so would be another great disservice to the electorate in Wales and to our democracy.

Labour is a party that commands the support of only just over 30% of the people of Wales, there is no need to be afraid of them anymore.

Can’t wait for 2010 for the re emergence of VPGT. Lets face it Labour have nothing else to offer.

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