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Friday, May 11, 2007

Brown for Britain!

If I was a London Labour strategist I'd use the coronation of Gordon Brown as the beginning of a 100 day war leading into the annual Labour Conference before using the new leaders speech to call a snap election.

Politically it has a lot of advantages. It enables the new PM to launch a short term policy blitz with plenty of electoral sweeteners; it will catch the Tories unprepared - there is no way that they will have produced a coherent programme of government by the Autumn; and Brown will invariably be on a honeymoon.

The one major problem for Labour is that the bank is empty - £20m in the red. They haven't the war chest to match the Tories at present.

If they went early I think Labour could win an overall majority. If Brown decides to serve another two/three years, the Tories will overtake Labour. The question is will there be enough Lib Dems left in Parliament to make up the numbers for a Lib - Lab arrangement.

We live in interesting times as they say.


Pads said...

"We live in interesting times"

Reputededly an ancient Chinese curse.

Ted Jones said...

Let's hope it is for Labour