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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Miners Knee Compensation

I'm delighted to see Plaid MPs leading the fight for compensation for miners suffering from knee injuries after working for the NCB. It's a disgrace that once again instead of conceding liability Labour will force miner to go through the High Court. This was the case with chest disease compensation, and will yet again be the case with knee injuries despite originally stating they were 'committed to mediation' i.e finding a solution outside the courts.
In February this year the DTI Minister Michael Wicks refused to meet with NACODS - so much for being 'committed to mediation' citing lack of evidence, yet now Judges have give the go ahead for a High Court case cause of the evidence provided by claimants.

After losing the chest disease case Labour removed Legal Aid for industrial class actions on behalf of injured workers. This means that NACODS South Wales and their leader Bleddyn Hancock will now fight this case knowing that defeat would mean that the test case miners could face Government costs if they lose. We are talking about millions of pounds, that Labour will threaten against former miners who merely seek justice.

The Labour party yet again loses all credibility as the party of ordinary working people. The South Wales Labour MPs in Westminster should hang their heads in shame.

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