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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Labour Dirty Cash 5 - Enter the Fall Guy

It’s been difficult to keep up with the developments in the Cash for Honours case over the last few days. What’s clear is that somebody has leaked a document key to the case. Secondly the Police were eager to stop the publication of the document as it would prejudice their case. The Attorney General then successfully over the weekend and yesterday succeeded in blocking publication of the leak. The Guardian today however has managed to get round the injunction. Their lead story implicates Lord Levy (aka Lord cash point) as trying to pervert the course of justice.

At the beginning of last month I made the case that Levy was being set up as the fall guy for this whole affair. My interpretation is that the leak must have come from 10 Downing St as they try and distance themselves. The only other possible source is the Met, and why would they want to leak a document and then try and get an injunction.

The problem for Blair is that it is hardly credible that Levy would be acting in any capacity without his explicit authorisation.

Conclusion number 1 – don’t raise money for the Labour party
Conclusion number 2 – being best mates by the Prime Minister won’t stop you from getting stitched up
Conclusion number 3 – the PM and his senior staff must be up to their necks in this scandal


Che Grav-ara said...

Who would have thought Iraq wouldn’t be the final nail in Tony Blair's political coffin. Be it Iraq or Cash for Honours its good to see a moral stance from Plaid Cymru and the SNP in scrutinising the Government and refusing to bend to those who would rather the whole thing blew over. Many people may have seen this as a gimmick but it is clear now that Plaid and the SNP have unearthed some real scandal at the heart of Blair's administration.

If you see my latest blog entry it's no wonder the poll result are what they are!


Ted Jones said...

It's always enlightening to receive your comments Che grav-ara. The poll is indeed very interesting. The figure of 50% that can distinguish between the Tories and New Labour is staggering.

We all know of the London consensus in policy terms - but people are also now linking the sleeze of both parties.