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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Labour’s latest Insult to Welsh Workers

Department of Constitutional Affairs proposals to introduce a differentional regional pay system for court workers has very worrying consequences not only for Welsh public sector workers but for the Welsh economy as a whole.

Preserving uniformity of public sector pay is a principle that must be protected at all costs. Not only is it immoral for the State to pay workers from one part of the UK less for doing the same job, but as the PCS points out it would exacerbate the north – south economic divide.

Wales is particularly at risk as firstly we have a higher proportion of public sector jobs as a percentage of our economic make up than other parts of the UK. And also invariably Welsh workers would be at the bottom of the pay scale.

This Chancellor is responsible for core economic and fiscal policies which have exacerbated the regional wealth inequalities. Yet again we witness how Wales comes bottom of Labour’s priorities.

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