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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Prescribing Diamorphine (Medical Heroin)

Plaid’s decision to announce a proposal to prescribe heroin to long term drug users, pending the results of a pilot in England, is a welcome intervention to the debate on how to deal with the growing drug problem. The Association of Police Officers have called for the same policy as a way of addressing drug related crime which blights so many of our communities. The RSA (a highly distinguished body) today published a report calling for a radical change in the current failing drug policy, including the prescribing of heroin. Diamorphine, to use the medical term, is legally available for GP’s to prescribe already

In initiating this debate on the eve of the Assembly elections, Plaid is showing that it wants to highlight real issues affecting our communities, and support innovative solutions. Let us hope that the cynical opportunism that characterises the politics of the London parties does not raise its ugly head in this of all issues. what's totally clear is that the current policy has totally failed.

update - New Labour's senior press officer in Wales has issued a press notice in the name of the New Labour candidate for Arfon referring to Plaid's 'smack, crackle and pop' plans. Rhodri Morgan and the New Labour leadership need to distance themselves from this sort of sensationalist rubbish - otherwise they'll prove that they are not fit to govern. Is the mentioned spin doctor and the ARfon candidate not aware that their own government is piloting the policy in England? New Labour should rebrand - 'the party of political hypocrities' would be an apt new name.

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