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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Labour Negative Campaigning

Right on cue, Wales' own blogespondent reports that labour are now claiming that an independent Wales would be kicked out of the EU. We've heard it all before of course, nothing new here but an usual Labour scare tactic - it's about as new as stale bread.

The assumption is ridiculous of course - if the UK broke up the transition would be seamless. Can anyone remember the difficulty Greenland had in getting out?

Labour's argument is based on the assumption that the Member State, ie the UK, would continue in the event of Scottish or Welsh independence. That presumption is incoherent - i thought the main plank of unionist thought was that all three nations were equal parts. Therefore if one component part decided to grasp its destiny all three would have to reapply. if this isn't the case then Wales or Scotland isn't an equal component.

New Labour when in trouble will always resort to Welsh bashing and talk Wales down. the slight problem they face is that there is a growing sense of confidence amongst the people of Wales. Labour has had its day.


Blamerbell said...

Sorry Ted. That wasn't coming from Labour but from an Austrian civil servant responsible for Enlargement.

Ted Jones said...

Bureaucrats - what do they know? I thought the job of a civil servant was to do what politicians told them to do not pass judgement and brief journalists.

My souces in Brussels inform me that Eluned Morgan has tabled vague questions to the Commission on this very issue - she always does it right about election time for some reason.