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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Plaid Manifesto Launch

Yet again Plaid seems to be setting the agenda. They are the first to publish their manifesto, outlining a range of exciting new policies.
On top of the 7 4 ’07 main pledges the party announced new policies such as a national living wage for public sector workers is especially welcome when considering the anti public sector policies of the Government.

The response of the London parties was typical. All three questioned costings. It’s typical London party response of course – whatever the policy. The London parties would make more milage if they tried to debate the issues, but they know they have been caught flat footed to date.
A lot can happen in five weeks of course, but it does seen that Plaid has the wind in their sails. Look out for dirty tricks and more negative campaigning from the London parties as they desperately try and catch up.

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