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Sunday, April 1, 2007

'Uninspiring and Clueless' - Labour

The Scotsman today leads with Labour sources conceding defeat to the SNP. Recent polls in Scotland show the SNP continuing to pick up support. Jack McConnell and Alex Salmond go head to head tonight on TV.

Labour sources are placing the blame directly on McConnell. The report further criticises Labour’s lack of strategy – claiming decisions are being made on a day to day basis.

The same goes for Labour in Wales of course. Labour has no organised central core. The strategy seems all over the place. And Rhodri Morgan has the look of a man resigned to failure.

In Scotland, neither the Tories nor Labour have ruled out a Red-Blue coalition of unionists in order to stop the SNP forming a Government. Should Plaid do better than expected and gain parity with Labour, would we see a Red-Blue deal in Wales?


hafod said...

I wonder if Martin Eaglestone has hot-footed it up to Holyrood to challenge Scottish labour to commit never to go into coalition with the Tories?

Ted Jones said...

Exactly, I think that Labour are open to questions on why a Red-Blue coalition is not off the agenda in Wales, whilst they seem to be basing their election campaig here on coalition scare stories.