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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Martin Shipton - Labourn Election Strategy Based on Lie

Thank the Lord, at least one of our political commentators has picked up that Labours whole election strategy is based on a lie. Everyone knows that there is no prospect whatsoever that a Tory led coalition could ever come into being. Plaid has stated categorically that it will never serve a Tory First Minister.

What has been disappointing is that Labour have been allowed to get away with this for over a year. I have watched countless BBC and HTV interviews in which Labour politicians have been allowed to spin this lie without being challenged at all. The paramaters of this election therefore are being fought in the make belief world of Labour spin doctors. My own view is that public broadcasters have fuelled that lie in their inability to expose it for what it is.

In some ways you have to admire the ability of the Labour party in Wales to bully its way into getting its message across in Wales. On the other hand, to rely merely on the politics of fear during an election in the long term will be seen as a damning indictment of a once proud party that has lost all sense of purpose and direction.

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