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Thursday, April 26, 2007

BNP Election Pledge – “Plaid to hang if we win power”

If there was ever a clearer sign of the psychotic nature of the BNP, link to the website below.


What this BNP activist is effectively saying is that if they ever win power they will re-introduce capital punishment and execute those who do not share their fascist bigotry.

I was fortunate enough to meet Plaid star Adam Price MP the other day; he said if I can remember correctly:

“Young men from the South Wales Valleys fought and died against fascism in Spain and the Second World War. We have to remember what these people stand for and the lessons of history.”

I am personally amazed that fascism is being given such generous coverage during this campaign. The Glamorgan Gazette in its wisdom even provided Nick Griffin with a full profile, whilst refusing at any point to print hardly any legitimate local political stories by Plaid (despite countless press notices by local candidates), the official opposition in the Assembly. That paper and Celtic Press should be ashamed of themselves. The BNP have been given air time on radio programmes and even a party election broadcast. All this just legitimises the fascist movement.

I don’t believe that democratic parties should share a political platform with these people. I never refer to fascist replies on this blog. How can you debate sensibly with people who are so fundamentally warped in their thinking?

Journalists tell me that they have a duty to report everything no matter how uncomfortable, and that all political movements have a right to freedom of speech. I vehemently disagree; any political movement which fundamentally disagrees with the values of a democratic society should be exempt from the benefits afforded by democracy to political movements.

The threat to execute members of Plaid Cymru in a BNP blog is not an idle threat. This is what these people will do if they assume power. Whilst some members of the London political class might snigger at such a prospect – this is a very serious threat which all democratic political parties need to unite to combat and to build a consensus to ensure that fascism has no place in Wales.


Left Field said...

I never refer to fascist replies on this blog. How can you debate sensibly with people who are so fundamentally warped in their thinking?

I think you should either dump their comments or challenge them. The main parties still seem to think that if they bury their heads in the sand the facists will go away. But by hiding their true agenda they are lulling people to vote for them. There are a few bloggers who are taking them on. They reveal that when elected they generally say nothing, vote with the ruling group or just don't vote. Many of their elected members have criminal convictions or have bizarre views.

No doubt Green Arrow (the author of that lovely piece to which you refer) will be along in a minute once his googling of "BNP" shows up this article, to say that they are lovely cuddly non-racists. Like their candidate Steve Cass who thinks we should "Nuke Pakistan" or perhaps his leader Nick Griffin who said on Radio Wales that you can be black and British (good of him ehh ?) but not Black and Welsh. So Shirley Bassey isn't Welsh?

Still, got to be grateful to them. All those lost deposits will hopefully save us all some tax ;-)

Ted Jones said...

"Still, got to be grateful to them. All those lost deposits will hopefully save us all some tax ;-"

might be one reason for allowing them to stand in elections!!

Cheers for the comment

Ian said...

The battle with the BNP starts on May 4th and not using the threats and intimidation that they resort to, but with exposing their poisonous agenda and utter ineptitude when elected.

We all need to lick our wounds after Thursday, shake hands and get on with the job of exposing these dangerous fascists, prior to next year's Council elections.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Guys, thanks for the link. Anyone reading your article and then jumping over will wonder what the heck you are on about.

In the article I quote Trevor Phillips as saying that "BNP supporters are less than human". Hardly a reasonable comment.

Then I quote the slime bag Ellis-Thomas who isnt even Welsh saying that white faces were hideous.

Nowhere in the article did I say that Plaid were to hang. What I said was:-

"Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored."

Anyhow thanks for the link. The people will make up their own minds on May 3rd.

Leftfield, stop using just one side of your brain and use it all. Letters from Conservatives and the labour party have been published on the net showing that their people have been instructed not to cooperate with the BNP even if it is for the better of the community.

Sorry boys your day as come. Roll on May 3rd. BNP Day.

hafod said...

The fascists have one issue - hatred of other people - and it has a simplistic, superficial attraction to a lot of people currently being screwed either with low wages, unaffordable housing or crap health, education and community services. Blame the Poles/Muslims/darkies.

But dig deeper and you'll find that the BNP is actually preparing for a race war. Its members are involved in murderous plots (as much as extremist Muslims) and its entire raison d'etre is to fan hatred and fear. It hopes it will capitalise on those irrational feelings.

The BNP wants to arm its own people. Against whom? Against "the others", the unknown.

It's like an episode of Lost only more stupid.

Yesterday is the New Tomorrow said...

I am now always uncomfortable when commentators like you use the term 'racist' and 'fascist' to describe the BNP. It was a similar comment that prompted me to look into the facts (history, manifestos and their record in local government) to ascertain if the nomenclature ascribed to them was valid. My research found that what they actually do is very different to the rhetoric that is bandied about by some of their extremely 'angry' supporters. I think that we can agree that there are nutters in all political parties.
Their attitudes to asylum and immigration are the most commented on, and are in reality fairly straight forward. They believe that there is a UN charter that states that asylum must be sought in the nearest safe harbour nation, and that a quick perusal of the lists of those claiming asylum here since 1997 will tell you that that law is being flouted routinely. Why would you need Sangatte if that charter was being enforced properly?
What is important is being able to look forward and decide what sort a of a nation we want to be. They conclude that the social experiment that those of your ilk have tried to implement in Britain since 1945 is not a model for sustained social or cultural success. For reference read the article written by Trevor Philipps in The Times a few months ago on the subject of multiculturalism. What the new model (fundamentally driven by economics) has allowed for is a generation of the lower classes to stand on the shoulders of a new immigrant under-class. This is driven by pure greed and ignorance - and something that is being perpetuated in the classrooms of Britain today.
There may be no big electoral surprises this May, but I fear that if things are not seen to be improving in the next 5 years (by a sizeable minority who don't yet have the confidence to nail their colours to the mast) then there may be some serious trouble ahead. I fear that some may choose the bullet and not the ballot.

Left Field said...

Green Arrow Wrote:

Nowhere in the article did I say that Plaid were to hang. What I said was:-

"Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored."

So you're saying that they may not hang? Perhaps they'll be shot instead? You have directly linked Capital Punishment with "those who have brought our country to its knees" I presume that is BNP speak for those who do not have a problem living in a multicultural society?

I was walking along Tenby beach on Saturday and saw a group of kids, some white, some asian, some black, playing together in the waves and I thought that if you got your way that probably wouldn't be allowed. What a bleak place our country would be.

I see in Griffin's Times interview he says it may take payments of a million quid to get people to leave. I hope as a white person I can claim my million, because I sure as hell wouldn't want to live under his rule.

You also contradict yourself, in the article you say "The truth is they would rather a T.B. infected Somali then an Englishman move to Wales" then in this article you quote a Plaid leaflet saying "It doesn't matter what languages you speak or don't speak... It doesn't matter where you come from - Welshpool, Wolverhampton or Warsaw - if you think Plaid Cymru should form the government in Cardiff then you can vote for us. Two of our Presidents - Dafydd Wigley and Saunders Lewis - weren't born in Wales."

Also the number 1 candidate in North Wales Janet Ryder was born in Sunderland. As an Englishman who has moved to Wales I am proud to vote Plaid.

Finally, to the old chestnut that BNP councillors wouldn't sit there dumb except for the fact that no other party will work with them, former BNP councillor Maureen Stowe commented "The other BNP councillors were overawed about not being allowed to say
what they really wanted to say, they sat in silence or as previously did not
even turn up to meetings to avoid having to have an input." or Stoke's Steve Batkin who attended none of a possible 30 committee meetings in the nine months to March 2005, or on Burnley when during the budget meeting in 2003 none of the BNP councillors attended, in 2004 they were there but sat in silence, in 2005 only two of the six attended and then one left after 30 minutes and in 2006 only two of the six attended and they voted for the Labour budget.

Whether other parties work with them or not, there is nothing to stop them joining in debates.

Yesterday is the new tomorrow says that every party has its share of nutters. True. But the BNP seems to have an extra large share. Out of thousands of Labour, Tory and Lib Dem councillors we hear of a few cases. With the BNP there are loads. Only yesterday in the Sunday Mirror was this story about a BNP candidate who likes to dress as a Nazi, or Mark Collett who says that he's drawn to a purely white society and that "Just because a dog is brought up in a stable doesn't make him a horse". If you agree that they are "nutters" then I presume that Mark Collett no longer holds an office in the BNP and is not the director of publicity ?

Incidently, you may not like accusations of racism, but when Nick Griffin says that you can be black and British, but not black and Welsh, which bit of that isn't racist? The last time I looked in my dictionary, racist meant discriminating on the grounds of race.

Simon said...

I think Ian is spot on.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Guys, thought you might like to check this link out. I think it makes the point that there are bad apples in every political barrel.

I mean look at Labour, a lieing, corrupt warmonger as leader. Cant get much more rotten then that. Anyhow here is the link.