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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yet More Fib Dem Duplicity

The Lib Dems in Cardiff have launched an attack on 'Cardiff Bashing' Plaid in the South Wales Echo. One of the reasons is our objection to centralising adult neurosurgery services away from Morriston.

What have the South Wales West Lib Dems got to say about this. Do they agree with their Council leader in Cardiff?

Far from being anti Cardiff - what Plaid have been doing is attacking the Cardiff Bay Centric and centralisation tendencies of the current Administration. Typical Fib Dems - they'll say anything and create any miss-impression to get votes whilst trying to portray themselves as the cuddly alternative.


Che Grav-ara said...

this really does undermine Peter Blacks argument in your other post. You will never meet a party so willing to change its policies on a door to door basis. It is frankly disgusting that the South West Lib Dems are running around shedding crocodile tears over neurosurgery in swansea whilst their cardiff counterparts attack plaid for having the political bravery to vote to retain the service. According to the Lib Dems it would appear it is a bad thing to vote based on need and not geography!

Left Field said...

I like some of the Lib Dems policies, they have some great councillors and excellent MPs and AMs. But they have been the shape shifters of British politics since the 80s. If they were canvassing a Tory, then they were basically Tories. If canvassing a Labour area, then they were basically Labour people.

Their national policy is (or at least was) being in favour of windfarms. But try and put one up, and Lib Dems will be there campaigning against it!

Ted Jones said...

The both of you make valid points. The problem for the Lib Dems is that they have no ideological core - their only real signature policy is PR and we still don't even know whether that would be a red line for a Lib-Lab pact post May the 3rd.