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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Labour Poll Meltdown

The Times poll today makes very uncomfortable reading for Labour. Most worryingly for Labour in Wales is that electors seem determined to use the May 3rd elections as a final opportunity to give Blair a kicking.

By fighting on the politics of fear, Labour have got it badly wrong this year. The only way to avoid the fall out of the last days of Blair, would have been to come up with a positive new vision for the future of Wales. By concentrating on such negative tactics they have reminded people of the worst aspects of Blair -deceit, dishonesty - spin and smear.


david h jones said...

I don't believe this talk of Labour meltdown (however much I'd like to).

Plaid can't take this talk seriously. Plaid need to think less aout polls and think about individual constituencies - that'll give people a truer idea of what's happening than general polls i.e. will Plaid win Llanelli or Carmarhen West etc?

Che Grav-ara said...

What is a rediculous concept is a Tory first minister and thats all tired Labour can come up with for this election.

As for a Labour meltdown i would suggest going from an overall majority at the last election to as low as 25 or less seats (which is what labour insiders are talking about) definatly classes as a meltdown in my eyes!

Ted Jones said...

There are tipping points in politics. I have seen it before. Plaid in Carms East have taken 7.5% out of the Labour vote in each of the last two General Elections. If we can do it there it can happen anywhere in Wales.

I don't take any notice of opinion polls, in 1999 Plaid were on 12% in the polls and eneded up nearly getting 30%.