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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Labour Election Strategy in Complete Shambles

The Labour party’s election strategy is in complete shambles. After spending a year talking up the Tory bogeyman, they have launched their election campaign with a full frontal attack on Plaid.

Blamerbell has written an excellent report on the whole situation. The inconsistencies in Labour’s argument are quite frankly staggering. Not only does their seemingly backtracking of today amount to an abandonment of a policy they have pursued for at least three years, but of comments the Health Minister himself made in the Assembly only two weeks ago. Or is it as Blamerbell suggests merely a confirmation of their downgrade proposals for Llandudno hospital?

Let there be no doubt there is only one way to scrap New Labour’s hospital closure and downgrade programme – and that’s by electing a Plaid Government that will rip up Labour’s Designed for Life policy document.

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