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Friday, April 20, 2007

Labour's Child Poverty Pledge Exposed

Congratulations to the BBC for highlighting Labour's inability to meet its main election pledge. This blog has long argued that the powers to eradicate child poverty are primarily the preserve of Westminster i.e control over taxation and benefits. With an impartial third party in Barnados vindicating that position, i wonder what the likes of Huw Lewis and Peter Black who have attacked Plaid on this issue have to say.

For our part in Plaid we will use the powers of the Assembly to make as much of a contribution as possible to the fight against child poverty. Our universal affordable childcare pledge will make a substantial contribution as will our pledge on free school meals. However until we have responsibility over fiscal policy and the benefits system to be able to redistribute wealth we are honest enough to admit that this issue can not be dealt addressed within the remit of the Assembly's powers.

Shame on Labour therefore for basing their election campaign on a promise they know full well they can't deliver.


Peter Black said...

Dont lump me in with Huw Lewis on this issue. The blog post you refer to essentially made the same point as you are doing now and was not specifically an attack on Plaid Cymru.

Ted Jones said...

With the greatest of respects my reading of your blog was that you argued Plaid (and therefore Barnado's according to their statement as reported today)were playing games.

I don't blame you for being angry, I wouldn't want to be lumped in with Huw Lewis either.

If you are willing to condemn Labour for misleading the electorate by basing their election on a pledge they can't deliver then I will retract my comments.