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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The inconsistencies of the Liberal Democrats

The poor Lib Dems in Scotland seem to be a mixed up bunch. On the one hand they have ruled out a refferendum on Scottish independence as a part of any coalition pact after the elections. Yet in the case of a Gordon Brown Premiership succession demand an immediate General Election..........so that the electorate can have a choice.

Is it me or would a clear SNP victory in May clearly show the will of the Scottish people to have a vote on the next step of their constitutional journey. The problem for Ming Campbell of course is that a Yes vote would mean the immediate end of his London Parliamentary career.

Having thought about it no wonder both himself and Gordon Brown are in such a state of panic.


cymrumark said...


Nice to see you on my blog....the whole point of the lib dem is that they are inconsistent :)

Their policy on "not student tuition fees but we called it something else" that peter Black was praising recently is one of the ones that they plan to get rid of after the elections. So they introduce a policy at one election then campaign against at another!!!

Ted Jones said...

They get away with murder 'cause nobody takes them seriously.