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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Leighton Andrews - A Broken Record

Today we see Leighton Andrews at it again trying to revive his failed VPGT (Vote Plaid Get Tory) strategy in the Western Mail. Poor Leighton has been in a bit of a tiff since the Assembly budget debate - when the tactics employed by the Plaid leadership effectively undermined over a year of Labour propaganda. Without anything positive to say about Labour's record in government, Leighton is trying to revive what to most people is politically absurd. Looks like he hasn't got the ability to come up with anything else.

Interestingly the Lib Dems in the shape of Peter Black on his blog has jumped on a bit of Labour mischief making as a statement of fact. With the red line of local government PR now dropped looks like the Lib-Lab pact is back in full swing.

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