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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Planet are the Tories Living on?

Tory Welsh Leader Cheryl Gillan is quoted as saying as the Independence issue reaches a frenzy, “We disagree with Plaid Cymru whose policies will take Wales down the road to economic ruin….”

I know Cheryl represents a constituency outside Wales, but has anybody told her Wales is the poorest part of the UK with a lower GVA than any of the other nations and regions. GVA in the European Objective 1/Convergance Funding areas is only 65% of the UK average. In hard figures this means that in most of Wales GVA per head is £11,126 whilst the UK average £17,677. Most worryingly, the trend is of a worsening situation.

To put things in context two hours down the road in London GVA is at 140% compared to the UK average – clearly portraying the wealth inequities caused by the prioritisation of the service sector of the South East of England by the London parties, and their clear failure to compose let alone implement a regional economic policy.

Put together with the worst health levels in the UK; the worst standard of housing; and poor transport links - the case for Welsh independence is compelling. The union as it stands is fast moving Wales down the road of economic and social ruin.

To coin a phrase from New Labour ‘things can only get better…’!


Rhys Wynne said...

How can Unionists keep a straight face when they try and scare us off with the economic 'argument'.

Ted Jones said...

Your totally right, the real question in the long term is not can we afford independence but can we not afford independence.