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Friday, January 26, 2007

Labour's Dirty Cash 2

The Daily Mail swift on the heels of ITN News are reporting further developments in the cash for honours scandal. It seems that despite Labour politicians at the time of the Plaid/SNP exposure, labelling it a cheap gimmick – standard Labour party response when they are caught with their pants down – the net is closing in directly on the PM’s head.

According to the Mail, Police have uncovered that Blair’s senior staff used a second e mail network to discuss ‘Ks’ and ‘Ps’ for Labour party loan donors. Their interpretation is that K stands fro Knighthoods and P for Peerages.

When Ruth Turner, 10 Downing Street gatekeeper, was quoted when asked how she came into politics ‘I fell in with the wrong crowd’ – I presume little did she know the prophetic nature of her words.

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