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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones the former Labour leader of Bridgend made some very honest comments in today’s Western Mail. He is quoted as stating that the Labour party in Wales needs to embrace devolution more by ‘regionalising’ its internal structures. He is also quoted as saying that if the Labour party embraced devolution more it would act as a stimulus for better cooperation with Plaid. The thrust of his argument is that essentially there needs to be a realignment of politics in Wales away from the tired structures of the London centric parties. A brave new world which would show that politicians across the divide in Wales would have embraced the true meaning of devolution.

Jeff inadvertently proves that the whole ‘Welsh Labour’ ethos is nothing more than hot air. But, I welcome his intervention as a positive contribution to the debate on how devolution in Wales should develop. As a keen advocate of a red-green coalition, I firmly believe that the more progressive elements in Labour and Plaid could achieve a great deal for our country. It would be a bold step for both parties, not least for Labour as it would inherently mean the sidelining of the more regressive elements like Huw Lewis and Leighton Andrews.

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