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Monday, January 15, 2007

Crisis in Labour Strategy

The Labour party in Wales seem to be sending out some very conflicting and mixed messages recently. On Sunday the First Minister Rhodri Morgan is quoted as saying:

"I don't think you can compare the situation in Scotland with the situation in Wales at all. If I went out on the doorstep in Ely tomorrow and said, 'Don't forget to go out and vote Labour or in five years you'll have an independent Wales breaking off from the UK', they would look at me and probably think I'd lost my marbles. Even in Scotland it's not an immediate threat."

Yet in today’s Western Mail Peter Hain, the Secretary of State for Wales, views the demise of the Union as imminent.

With the discredited and farcical Vote Plaid Get Tory strategy in ruins, looks like Labour strategists have lost their way. My tip would be for them to come up with some policies and stop playing fear politics.

The fact that Labour after 8 years in power have to rely on negative spin says everything we need to know about their lack of vision for our country.


bethan said...

they are basically panicking before both the Assembly and Scottish elecion this May. Hain is attempting to prop up Brown, and scare the voters with regards the independence debate.

plaid wrecsam said...

"panic on the streets of london" - Labour is the cement that binds the Union and it's crumbling fast.

Ted Jones said...

I think your both right, independence for Scotland is inevitible withinthe next four years and that wil be the stimilus for Wales also to look at its relationship with England. Are the London parties serously thinking that after Scottish independence there will be a new nation made up of England and Wales - perhaps they could call it Engles!!