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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is the First Minister Losing the Plot? - Do one Legged Ducks Swim in Circles!

The First Minister has put his foot in it again with his astonishing assessment that global warming would effectively be helpful to the Welsh economy. According to reports this is the reason why he opposes Plaid’s commitment to cut carbon emissions by 3% per annum, the sort of radical policy which is essential for us to embrace if we are to avoid the inevitable global catastrophe that climate change entails.

Perhaps the First Minister should read the Stern report which states that no action on climate change will lead to a crash of about 20% in the global economy. In such circumstances of a global economic meltdown it’s difficult to equate his statements that Wales would prosper.

Reading between the lines his argument is that we in Wales are likely to suffer less environmentally than the rest of the world. That’s the sort of narrow minded and visionless approach which characterises his party and his Administration. The logic of Rhodri Morgan’s argument is that we in Wales should increase carbon emissions and do everything in our power to speed up global warming. Come to think of it maybey the reason why carbon emissions have gone up under Labour is that this is all part of masterplan rather than the gross negligence I had assumed.

It’s astonishing that the First Minister has decided to make this statement at the same time when the National Trust warns that 1,572 hectares of its costal land in Wales is at risk of flooding caused by raising sea levels.

These appear to be the rantings of a lunatic – no wonder so many Labour AMs are positioning themselves ready for May the 4th.

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