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Monday, February 5, 2007

Labour Duplicity 2

To be fair I could fill a lifetime of Blogs with this theme, however one little episode over the last week deserves special mention. I am referring of course to the decision of Carmarthenshire NHS Trust to remove emergency surgery from Prince Phillip Hospital.

Llanelli’s Labour AM and MP have been spitting blood at the announcement with the Trust management bearing the brunt. Perhaps in future Catherine Thomas would be better advised looking into what she votes for in the Assembly, after all the Trust are only implementing WAG strategic vision as outlined in Designed for Life.


sospan said...


You may not know this but Martin Morris the Labour Councillor, Deputy Leader of the council actually voted for the removal of services from Prince Phillip when he was chair of the Carmarthen County's Health board.

Unlike the Conservatives, Labour is certainly for turning

Ted Jones said...

Very interesting.