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Friday, February 9, 2007

The Future of Policing in Wales

Seems Labour has got itself into another real right mess on the future responsibility of policing in Wales. Some enlightened Labour AMs agree with Plaid that the imminent break up of the Home Office means there is a compelling argument to devolve responsibility for policing. As I understand it the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Parliament have responsibility for Policing, therefore it seems perfectly reasonable to me that our National Assembly also assumes power for such an important policy area.

Needless to say the Unionists in the Labour party are having a fit. Peter Hain has even gone as far as to argue that responsibility for Policing may never be devolved to Wales.

After the complete shambles of the Home Office driven police merger plan, I say devolve responsibility now. The safety of our communities in Wales is far to important an issue to be left to a Home Office in Whitehall that is in complete chaos.

Sometimes politics is about grasping the moment and the Home Office turmoil clearly is such an opportunity to develop our democracy in Wales. What a pity therefore that the Labour leadership lack any vision. Instead of leading the nation Hain and Morgan are always looking over their shoulders - seemingly frightened of their own shadows.

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