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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dodgy Labour Cash

The Labour party seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot. Dodgy cash is different to previous blogs on dirty cash relating to cash for honours. It's the morals of accepting money from asset strippers that's at stake here - industrial parasites that have made their money from the misery of working people.

Bethan Jenkins has posted this blog explaining the story. She raises a very valid point on whether this cash will be used in Wales for the forthcoming Assembly campaign, 'cause as we all know the Labour party in Wales does not exist as a separate accounting unit, (ie they need their London bosses to pay the bills for them.)

The conscious of the Labour party, also known as Peter Hain is quoted today in Metro"I think it's right we accept donations from people who want to contribute to the Labour party and keep us in power." Thanks for clearing that up Peter.

Update the GMB are in frankfurt today protesting outside an annual meeting of private equity firms. Perhaps they should consider re assesing their support for a party that is selling their members down the river every chance it gets.

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