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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Peter Hain's Aga Gaffe

I can’t claim to be the first to expose this major gaffe by Peter Hain, David Cornock blogged on it yesterday. Even the London Evening Standard ran a massive centre piece article yesterday.

Hain is quoted in Aga magazine, before his spin doctors allegedly pulled it, as saying that following the installation of an Aga cooker in his constituency mansion, he views cooking by electric cookers as ‘second class’.

Aga of course market their product as a lifestyle choice. Put simply the message they imply is that those who have an Aga are slightly better than everyone else. It’s hardly very socialist therefore for the ‘conscious of the Labour party’ as he is trying to brand himself to fuel such non egalitarian perceptions.

It just goes to sow that the London political elite are totally out of touch with traditional Welsh political values.


Blamerbell said...

You mean there's no aga in your new home?

How terribly second class. All that bread you bake just won't taste the same...

Ted Jones said...

A cooker that size would never fit in the kitchen of a little miners cottage!