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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Peter Hain - Billy No Mates

Not only has Rhodri Morgan turned his back on him, Peter Hain is today faced with a letter in the Western Mail in which half of the Labour party in Wales pledge their support for rival Harriet Harman.

To top it off, a Plaid - Labour deal looks increasingly likely, a deal that would completely undermine his credibility. After all, this is the man who said Labour would never even seek to accommodate Plaid no matter what the circumstance.


Geraint said...

Rhodri Morgan is allowed, as a member of the Labour Party, to vote for who he thinks is best to lbe the deputy leader. That is his right as a party member, and if his first preference is Harriet, then that is his choice, and that is what he has a choice. He has no loyality and nor should show any favouritism to Peter Hain, and nor is he, which is good.

Peter and Harriet are both very strong cannidates and 5 of them would make very strong and good deputy leaders of the Labour Party.

I just wonder why Plaid bloggers is obessing over Rhodri using his votes the why he wants to allow them and choosing his preferences the way he thinks would be best for Labour?

Ian said...

As a cynical Plaid blogger, would it be too rude to suggest that Peter's efforts to block a red/green coalition have not exactly made him a dinner guest at Rhodri's?

Geraint said...

Why does it have to be a conspiracy theory, a woman can be someone's first choice for deputy leader without some kind of massive conspiracy, just because Harriet is a woman, don't mean that she cannot win on her own merits.

Nor should Rhodri, nor anyone else in Welsh Labour vote for Peter Hain just because he is a Welsh MP and Welsh Secertary, they should vote on merit and who they believe will best serve the party, like Rhodri Morgan has done.

It is a bit sad that Plaid bloggers are trying to make a big song and dance out of this, when it is simply someone exercising their vote in a way they believe is best.

Che Grav-ara said...


I dont think people are making an issue out of this because harriet is a woman. they are making an issue out of it as we are continually foced to listen to peter hain dictate to the wlesh labour party from london. Peter hain continually harps on about how succesful he has been dealing with Rhodri Morgan and how oppossed he has been the Red-Green. Then in the face of that Rhodri Morgan publically announces his backing for another candidate against peter hain and there is movement on the Red-Green issue. It does seem like RM is setting out his stall against Peter Hain.

Ted Jones said...

Geraint, the post was a bit tongue and cheek. Peter Hain has amassed a formidable campaign team here in Wales. I think the issue of Red - Green and its consequences for Hain is far more serious. I am given to understand that he is furious about the current negotiations.