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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where Next for Wales? - Adam Price MP

Adam Price MP has posted a blog on the current dynamics in Welsh politics.

I agree with Adam, there is only two games in town. Either a Red - Green agreement which is acceptable to Plaid or an inevitable Rainbow takeover.

Which makes comments by Carwyn Jones over the weekend against a new Welsh language Act most difficult to understand. Carwyn, the leading light in the Welsh wing of Labour needs a Red - Green agreement if he is to take over from Rhodri. If there is an Alliance Administration he is out of the race, because the momentum within the Labour party will flow to the unionist wing. I understand that he needs to be seen as some sort of nat basher to undermine internal criticism of being too soft on Plaid, but if he rules out a new act as the new Minister with responsibility for the language then Red - Green will be a no goer.

The reality is that a new language act is going to be a deal breaker. The ball continues to be in Labour's court, the question continues to be what will be Rhodri's next play?

update - Price outlines his position further here:


Che Grav-ara said...

Your right Ted,

I can't quite understand why upon taking up the post of Minister for the Welsh Language Carwyn would come out with a statement seemingly ruling out a new welsh language act. It is a thoroughly nieve thing to do in any circumstances, ailianating himself from organisations like the Urdd and Cymdeithas who he will need to forge links with. but in the current political climate where so many Labour AM's have been eager to talk of "Consensus" politics it just seems rash and provocative?

Ted Jones said...

I think he basically hasn't thought everything throug. What worries me is that Labour are oblivious to what's happening around them. Do they read the papers?

I've always thought Carwyn was by far one of the better Labour performers, but it was a bit of a basic schoolboy error - unless of course the Labour game plan is to force the hand of those on the pro rainbow side.

Che Grav-ara said...


Usually Carwyn is a decent speaker and one of the better Labour AM's but you maybe correct in thinking it was designed to force the rainbow. Or on a slightly more sinister note he was put up knowing it would look bad by his unionist opposition for the leadership