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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shurmer goes to the BBC

It's with deep regret that I have to write this post that Plaid will be losing the talents of Alun Shurmer to the BBC. Having worked with Alun over a number of years I know that Plaid's loss will be the undoubted gain of the BBC.

Plaid's NCU will also be losing Rhodri Davies who is moving onwards to pastures new.

Both Alun and Rhodri were an invaluable part of the Plaid campaign team, and I think I can confidently speak for the whole party membership by thanking them for their major contribution over the last year.

On the bright side looks like Red - Green is back on the agenda.


david h jones said...

why is Red-Green coalition a good thing?

The Rainblw coaltition offered the chance to open up and change Welsh politics for ever. But it seems that Plaid want to prop-up Labour, in fact, give it new credability and impetus. Plaid could well be the third party in 2011.

Labour would have offered a referendum on Scottish style powers in their 2011 manifesto in anycase as Welsh politics would have moved on by then and Labour would have had an internal fight and come to the same conclusion. If they wouldn't ahve supported a referendum then Labour would have lost more votes and members by 2011.

Labour ahve managhed to scare Plaid's Left wing that the Rainbow coalition would be bad for Plaid. But if it was such a bad idea then why were Labour so desperate to stay in power? They knew full well that a Raibow coalition would ahve shown that Wales wasn't a Labour country and that the Raimbow coalition was in tune with a braod section of Welsh life. Plaid fell for the scare tactic!

It seems that Plaid's left wing would rather play patsy to Labour than have a Plaid First Minister. Is plaid nothing more than a Labour ginger group wanting a cwtch from Daddy Labour?

Ted Jones said...

That's not how I see it. Nothing is decided yet, as I see it Plaid is in a win - win situation. Either option is great for us. The key benefit of a red - green deal is that we would have to have guaranteed Labour support for a referendum. Politics isn't always about direct political power - it's about achieving your aims and objectives.

As for being scared of Labour, I couldn't disagree more. Red - Green lets us keep Labour exactly where we want them - at the end of a barrel of a Plaid gun.