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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is Gordon Brown Calling the Shots?

There’s increasing speculation that the current red – green negotiations are being driven from the very top of the Labour party. Rumour has it that Gordon Brown himself has basically told Rhodri Morgan to do anything to stop a Rainbow deal.

It makes political sense for Gordon of course with the next General Election in mind; the last thing he wants is open hostility along the whole Celtic fringe. The SNP are already running rings around the Westminster government, the last thing Gordon needs is more trouble coming from Wales.

Project Gordon has tried to circumvent the problem of his status as a Scottish MP by portraying him and the Labour party as the embodiment of Britishness. I think they have got it totally wrong, trying to act as the dam against the inevitable flood will get Labour nowhere. It seems ironic that the party that proposed devolution has been less able to adjust to the new political dynamics created.

There is little doubt that the Tories will probe at the Scottish roots of the PM in waiting as we near the General Election. Rebellion from the Celtic fringes will only fuel rightful desires for English self determination. The problem for Gordon is that English voters are more than likely to look to the Eton boy than the MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath.

Which brings us back to Wales. If I was a Brown strategist, I’d definitely be telling Rhodri to do the deal.


Che Grav-ara said...

Excellent post Ted,

The sudden change in labour's tactics would suggest that the orders came from up above, and i dont mean Peter Hain!

hafod said...

You've been reading "Golwg" by the sounds of things! An intersting snippet in today's mag suggests exactly this.
It also has an interview with Adam Price saying he wants to come back to represent Carmarthen East in the Assembly...

Ted Jones said...

"It also has an interview with Adam Price saying he wants to come back to represent Carmarthen East in the Assembly..."

I haven't read Golwg unfortunaltely but from what I've heard Adam hasn't put a date on things. If there's a Welsh Parliament elected on STV then both could represent the area currently in Carms East!!

Lenin Cymru said...

Yes, ted, another excellent post, have you seen my blog?


It has been called 'promising' and 'amusing' - I think we both come from the same side of the political spectrum from what I have read.

your cool said...
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your cool said...

I don't think Gorden Brown should be the PM Because he is to fat to fit inten bowning street's door!!! LOL

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