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Friday, June 15, 2007

Andrew Davies Wades in

The Western Mail today is a must read - the Labour party seems to be in a state of open warfare. Most interesting was the article by Andrew Davies who more or less played his usual role as the mouthpiece of Labour MPs in talking down the need for greater powers for the Assembly – the key deal breaker in this whole affair. Andrew of course is tipped as a possible successor to Rhodri Morgan.

One prominent politician recently told me he was ‘the most boring man in Wales’. Allegedly his lack of charisma is viewed as an advantage by many of his supporters in Westminster, who believe that Andrew as WAG First Minister would bore the nation to death - turning the Assembly into a glorified county council and thus ensuring the predominance of Parliament.


View from the Glen said...

Isn't AD the man who was in charge of Convergance funding?

If so isn't he the man who is ultimately responsible for the redundancies in Cardiff university and the rest of Objective one projects as there is a massive gap between the two. By that I mean there is no funds available to keep projects running while convergance funding is implemented?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he the daddy vampire in Lost Boys?

Ted Jones said...

"Isn't AD the man who was in charge of Convergance funding?"

He was definitely in charge of economic development during the second Assembly so that must be a yes. I'm unaware of the specific example you refer to.

"Wasn't he the daddy vampire in Lost Boys?"

That would explain a lot!!

View from the Glen said...

The buck has to stop with someone.