Political boffin, keen fisherman looking forward to retirement.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Retired - Gone Fishing


Ian said...


I will miss your blog thoughts and hope that you catch the career fish that you deserve. You are destined for great things

pob hwyl,


Geraint said...

Will miss you blogging, good luck with your future.

Christopher Glamorgan said...

There's no such thing as retiring from blogging, just a well earned rest for a while.

Best wishes and catch a big one!

P Jones said...

You will be sorely missed from the frontline of Welsh political culture.

hafod said...

Looks like you caught a big 'un today!

Left Field said...

blinkin' 'eck.

I come back from a fortnight's holiday and everyone is packing in blogging. They are not even waiting for Welsh politics to become boring again!

I've enjoyed your blog and wish you well in whatever you do.